Best Driving Safety Course In Texas

What makes a good driving safety course? The minimum 6 hour online driving safety course that includes 1 hour of break is something no one takes by choice. In fact you can say it is sort of a penalty for breaking a traffic rule. Most people who get a traffic citation feel frustration and anger at the situation. Given this the driving safety course should meet the following requirements: The law does not require a final exam or the difficulty of the quizes therefore, the course should be easy to complete. A student should be able to finish the course in 5 hours, the least amount of time required by law. The course should not be a financial burden on a student. The law requires that the course be at least $25. Finally, the course should be such that a student is able to finish it in one sitting. Below are three categories for the best driving safety courses:

  1. Overall best
  2. Industry leader
  3. Video course leader

Top Recommendation

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Fast Track Defensive Driving online 5 hour driving safety course is the overall best driving safety course and number one choice among all the different online courses available to you in Texas. As a new kid on the block with many well established players, Fast Track Defensive driving had the highest growth of all the Texas driving schools. They promise no hidden fees and lowest price guarantee. This means you can complete your course and receive a certificate for a low price of $25. The course is the easiest of all the courses I have reviewed and with their unique audio option you will be able to complete the course without taking time out of your busy schedule. You can also complete the course anywhere and on any device. Imagine waiting at a doctor's office or dental clinic and completing the course. For most people who are looking for a lowest price option that is easy and takes the least amount of time this course is the answer. They also have a pay later option that I strongly recommend you use. They accept all credit and debit cards, money orders and checks.
Fast Track Defensive Driving scores highest points on pricing and course material. The course is easy and you can finish it in the shortest time of 5 hours for online course allowed by law. As promissed, there are no hidden fees which makes the course the most affordable. You know exactly how much the course will cost you and you can download your certificate instantly once you finish all the lessons. If you like playing online games, this course has many interesting games that you can play while you are listening to the lessons. This feature definitely makes the course enjoyable. Their innovative approach to delivery is outstanding and therefore receives top rank.

Industry Leader


Defensive Driving is one of the oldest courses and the biggest name in the driving safety course industry. They capture almost 20% share of the driving safety certificates issued each year. Their succuess seems to be built on the fact that they are already an established player and therefore can advertise heavily on Google. Their brand name combined with advertisement dollars they spend is the main reason for their success. They offer their driving safety course for low price of $25, however, you have to pay upfront to begin the course. They also offer a video course, for that you have to shell out a few more dollars. If you are one of those who want to stick with the names that have been around for a long time this might be the one for you.

Video Course Leader


Comedy Driving comes in second to Defensive Driving with respect to their share of the market. They are also among the oldest courses and capture over 15% share of the driving safety certificates issued each year. Their succuess seems to built on the fact that they market their video course as the easiest and best in the industry. As a big player with a big brand recognition they also advertise heavily on search engines such as Google. They offer their driving safety course for low price of $25, however, you have to pay upfront to begin the course. If you are one of those who like to watch video lessons this course might be the one for you.

In the state of Texas, there are several other courses to choose from. You can find the list of all the TDLR approved driving safety courses here. Each course has a rating attached to it and they are based of the following criteria:

  • Lowest price
  • Easiest course
  • Shortest time to complete the course
  • No hidden fees
  • Fun and engaging
  • Innovative delivery option