Easiest Driving Safety Schools

What makes a driving safety school/course easy? The course should be easy to follow, interesting and most importantly the quizzes should be easy. When many drivers take the driving safety courses it is because they got a speeding ticket, not because they didn't know the rules of the road. Making the course interesting should not be a tough proposition but many course providers fail at it miserably. Many course have tried to make the driving safety course funny. Comedy driving is a big player that has incorporated cartoon style animation to their course. Personally, I did not find the course funny at all. The animation is child like and done on low budget. I really do not understand why the driving safety course needs to be funny. Some courses just use funny on their name and assume that will do the job and attract unsuspecting customers to their website. I dont even know if some are actual courses because when I visited one I got directed to to another course I reviewed but decided not to list on our site. Over all any school you choose it should not be too difficult for you and it is just 5 hours long. This is the minimum time required by law you need to spend to receive driving safety school certificate. Below are the major topic covered on the course

  • Traffic Safety Problem
  • Factors Influencing Driver Performance
  • Traffic Laws And Procedures
  • Special Skills For Difficult Driving Environments
  • Physical Forces That Influence Driver Control
  • Perceptual Skills Needed For Driving
  • Defensive Driving Strategies
  • Driving Emergencies
  • Occupant Restraints And Protective Equipment
  • Alcohol And Traffic Safety

The topics covered on the course are pretty straightforward and easy to understand. However, the delivery of the course material can make the course boring and completing it a tedious task. Another aspect of the course to consider before choosing a course if how difficult the exams are. A number of school claim they do not have final exams. They get around by not having a final exam is by having quizes after each lesson. Also to complete the course you need to achieve more than 70% on these quizes. If you happen to score less than 70% some school require you to study the course material again. Some on the other hand are more lenient and let you take the quiz again. I prefer taking the quiz again, since most of the times I got a question wrong was some traffic related statistic. In my experience Fast Track Defensive Driving is by far the easiest driving safety course Some easy driving safety courses are:

Easiest Driving Safety Course Providers
Course Provider License #
Fast Track Defensive Driving CP037
DefensiveDriving.com CP284
Comedy Driving Inc CP319
I Drive Safely Defensive Driving Course CP022
Comedy Defensive Driving CP333
Aware Driver CP995