Shortest Driving Safety Course

What are the shortest driving safety courses in Texas? By law one must spend a minimum of 5 hour studying a driving safety course to receive a completion certificate. Most schools have a timer on their lessons to indicate minumum time one needs to spend on each lesson. TDLR provides guidance to course providers on how to structure the driving safety course.

TDLR Guide on Minimum Time Per Topic
Course Section Time (minutes)
Introduction 10
Traffic Safety Problem 15
Factors Influencing Driver Performance 20
Traffic Laws And Procedures 30
Special Skills For Difficult Driving Environments 20
Physical Forces That Influence Driver Control 15
Perceptual Skills Needed For Driving 20
Defensive Driving Strategies 40
Driving Emergencies 40
Occupant Restraints And Protective Equipment 15
Alcohol And Traffic Safety 40
Other Topics & Exams 35
Total Time 300

The topics covered on the course are pretty straightforward and easy to understand. However, the delivery of the course material can make the course boring and completing it a tedious task. Another aspect of the course to consider before choosing a course is how difficult the exams are. A number of schools claim they do not have final exams. They get around not having a final exam by having quizes after each lesson. Also to complete the course you need to achieve more than 70% on these quizes. If you happen to score less than 70% some schools require you to study the course material again. Some on the other hand are more lenient and let you take the quiz again. I prefer taking the quiz again, since most of the time I got a question wrong was on some traffic related statistic.

How to complete a driving safety course in 5 hours?

As you can see from the table above the minimum time you need to spend on each lesson adds to a total of 300 minutes or 5 hours. Most schools will have a timer or a clock on their lessons page to indicate how much time you have spent on the lesson along with the minimum time required. So once you have reached the minimum time requirement, just move on to the next lesson. Now this strategy can leave you a little weak on the details and might impact your score on the quizes. Remember you only need to score 70% on the quizes to complete the course. Also if you are not sure about an answer you are pretty safe if you choose the most conservative choice. There you have it, if you follow these rules you are sure to finish the course in the shortest time allowed by law. Good luck!!